Beehive Picture Hanger solves your frame hanging woes in a matter of seconds

Those who have had the fortune of the reading ‘Three Men in a Boat‘ would remember the mercurial chapter of picture frame hanging starring Uncle Podger and his obnoxious sense of perfectionism. Well, if he had the Beehive Picture Hanger, things would certainly be a bit different in the ensuing story. The brainchild of Indiana-based Herb Bigelow and Matt Bigelow, the product in question entails a special metal attachment and a support pin – both tailored to hanging those dastardly picture frames.

Beehive Picture Hanger_1

For starters, all you need to do is attach Beehive Picture Hangers to the rear-side of the frame.

Beehive Picture Hanger_2

Then you are required to press this frame against the wall, and the hangers do their job by making impressions on the particular areas (of the wall) by virtue of their protruding metallic points. So, in other words, you get a fairly good idea on where the pins need to go, aided the visual cue offered by these impressions.

Beehive Picture Hanger_3

After this, you can hammer the pins onto these areas where the previous impressions (by the attached hangers) were made. These projecting supports pins can ultimately suspend picture frames with up to 30 lbs of weight.

Beehive Picture Hanger_4

Finally, you go on to hang the picture frame.

Beehive Picture Hanger_5

Now in case, you need to adjust the height or angle of the frame, you can quite easily do so. How? Well, the incredible honeycomb layout of the Beehive Picture Hangers (pictured above through a transparent frame) allows this adjustment in matter of seconds. All you need to do is choose the preferred hole through which the support pin would go, and voila!

To that end, there are two varieties of the hanger available for retail – the Original with 68 honeycombed holes, and the Max with a whopping 143 holes (thus allowing for greater degree of adjustment and perfection).

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