Kenyon’s sleek and portable City Grill solves your open flame woes

Kenyon’s City Portable grill_1

Sleek and simple – this in a nutshell defines the aptly named City Grill, a stainless steel cooking contraption from Kenyon tailored to city life.

How so? Well, in an urban setting, the use of open flame is generally prohibited. But does that mean you can’t have your weekend outdoor BBQ fun just like the ‘provincial folk’? The answer is – of course not! And, as a glorious solution to your cooking and socializing woes, the City Grill is envisaged as an ‘engineered’ piece of contraption that is touted as being virtually smokeless.

Additionally, the portable grilling mechanism totally eschews those potentially dangerous scenarios of sudden flare-ups, thus alluding to a trouble free meal; whether on a homely level with your family or on a societal level with your friends. And in case you are worried about serving to many people and (afterwards) cleaning the mess, each City Grill package also comes with 3 extra drip-trays along with special cleaner and polish to cleanse the stainless steel component.

Kenyon’s City Portable grill_2 Kenyon’s City Portable grill_3 Kenyon’s City Portable grill_4 Kenyon’s City Portable grill_5 Kenyon’s City Portable grill_6

Price – $475

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