Amalia Chair by Eggpicnic

Designed by Christopher Macaluso and Camila De Gregorio, with mimbre artisans Francisco Palma and Mario Rojas, the Amalia chair uses the years old technique of weaving mimbre with hand, which has dimensions of 80cm X 80cm X 65cm. This chair open from both ends and has enough storage space at …

Multipurpose Table Made from a Vintage Door

Created from an old wooden door which comes laden with strategically placed hinges and a custom-fitted steel frame that allows the table/door to be shut and opened at will. The Italian design house Mano Teca has really surprised everyone with this Indoor Vintage Table/Desk/Door. It’s believed that door acts as …

Suction Mat cleans shoe soles

It’s always a challenge for you to keep your house clean. Especially when someone enters your tidy home and skips to clean his/her shoes at doormat. Think when you enter somewhere and inspite of cleaning your shoes at doormat, you still fear about getting the floor dirty.

wooden sink

Wooden Sink

David Son came up with this unique idea, combining water and wood together as a furniture. This Wooden Sink has been made up of old wooden dinning chair. Awesome in design; this unique wooden sink adds retro finish to your home interiors. 

Smart milk jug that texts you when the milk goes bad

As the name suggests “smart milk jug” is smart enough to ensure that you do not consume spoiled milk. Features like sensors, GSM radio module, antenna, SIM card and a rechargeable battery helps this unique milk jug to notify the user via SMS text when its content is low or the …