Sera quarantine cat cage offers a safe and hygienic abode to your feline pet

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Iwona Lisiecka is a product designer from Poland who thinks designing is her passion and a way that can bring a change in society and in people’s behavior. One such product that she has designed is Sera, a quarantine cat cage.

It seems Iwona Lisiecka felt pain of animals kept in large numbers in shelters and veterinary hospitals, wherein thy face a lot of difficulty and a severe threat to their lives. Every animal needs to be kept separated, so that none becomes a threat for other’s survival, and vice versa. The Quarantine cat cage is a perfect solution to such problems, in which animal can spend some days comfortable and safely in a shelter.

While their stay at shelters and hospitals, animals are kept under observation and they are given certain vaccinations, castrations, injections, and sometimes some beauty treatments like shaving off hair and cutting nails. Just as human beings sometimes catch infections from other patients in a hospital; it is the case with animals too. They also require properly sterilized cages in which they can live safely and in isolation. If they are kept together with other animals, they might catch infection and some other diseases.

Iwona studied behavior of cats for quite some while and then designed cat cage that is animal friendly, and is easy to use. The four zones of the cage – hideout, feeding area, cat’s toilet, and observation area offers your cat a comfortable and a safe stay in the veterinary hospital. The cage has specially designed hinges that enable an easy deconstruction of door, the movable barrier inside the cage makes it easier to be cleaned, the white board surface on doors enable one to write cat’s name and treatment on it, and the ball lock makes its lock and unlock super easy.

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Source: Iwonalisiecka

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