Snowing Christmas Tree ‘snows’ inside your living room

Christmas time snowing is all well and good, until you need to pick up your hefty shovel. Well, the designers of the Tabletop Snowing Christmas Tree surely empathize with your shoveling troubles.

Combining the favorite ingredients of the holiday season, including the tree and snows, this indoor contrivance comprises of a dandy setup that gleefully blows out faux snow. And, the best part is – this faux snow is totally reusable for the ‘endless’ snowing sessions, all within the comfort of your living room.

This is achieved by a clever yet simple mechanism that collects the snow in its fabric base, which is once again recirculated for the snowing effect. And, all of this is done without any kind of snowy mess, with the faux variety falling well within the confines of the artificial Christmas tree base. The mirthful scope is further complemented by around 25 songs to fuel up your Christmas spirit.

As for the commercial side of the affairs, the Snowing Christmas Tree is also available in its larger form for floors. Moreover, he tabletop variety comes in two models, one with a Christmas tree and another with a happy Santa Claus.

Snowing Christmas Tree_1

Snowing Christmas Tree_2 Snowing Christmas Tree_3 Snowing Christmas Tree_4

Price – $55 for the Tabletop Snowing Christmas Tree; $70 for the Santa Snowing Christmas Tree; and $140 for the Floor Snowing Christmas Tree. For buying details, please refer to this link.

Via: TheGreenHead

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