Mesa Your Indoor Grill Station

Mesa Indoor Grill Station

Mesa Indoor Grill Station

Mesa, an all-in-one cooking platform has been designed to let the whole family actively participate in making a well-balanced meal. Mesa’s design features allows heating, with a second, customizable cooking surface accommodating a variety of dishes, from stews to Korean BBQ, all comes in one place. Mesa has two separate cooking surfaces and each of it has its own temperature control dial. It features primary griddle for all-purpose grilling and food prep. Also have secondary cook surface with customizable attachments and a removable cord allowing the base to be used as a presentation piece.

With a Grill Press you can heat and grill your meats from both sides. This hand-held design you can control the pressure to preserve juices and essential nutrients. You can cook anything of your choice in double-handled sauce pan. The Griddle Stone can easily handle any number of sides at different temperatures. It’s best suited for personal pizza. With Pot you can boil water and can cook any dish that requires little more height. You can Plug Steamer Basket into the pot to steam vegetables and glass lid allows you to see what’s cooking inside. The Korean BBQ could be made available for Mesa, which allows you to cook thin ingredients. However, Mini-tongs involves and facilitates whole family cook their food the way they like it.

Material used in this cooking appliance includes:

  • Cast iron main grilling/griddle surface
  • High heat resistant plastic body
  • Stainless Steel accessories
  • Glass lid

With a dimensions as Base Unit: 530mm W x 67.5mm T x 290mm D Mesa Your Indoor grill Station is too unique.