The Penta Sink with its ‘punctured’ design is a modern art in itself

Penta Vessel Sink by Mac Stopa_1

For your new house with swanky interiors and a bathroom to die for, those boring porcelain sinks are hardly appropriate. But how about modern art for a sink design? The new Penta Sink by the famous Polish designer Mac Stopa of MyBath, with its brilliant interplay between transparency and opacity, is indeed an artistic invention that breaks all conventional norms.

The Penta Sink showcases the outstanding marriage of creative genius and flawless execution. What is unique about this sink is in fact its design. The juxtaposition of crystal clear sections formed of transparent Chroma and solid opaque-white portions made with Dupont Corian, creates an illusory effect.

As light passes through these contrasting sections, it makes the sink look deceptively punctured at various points. The result is that you are not only baffled but also a little fearful to turn on the faucet at first.

Manufactured by Acrea, the nature inspired shape of Penta Sink, coupled with its crisp and neat design, indeed makes for a dainty picture. Though small in size, the gently sloping sides of the sink give the impression of spaciousness. It is lightweight, supported only by a glossy, stainless-steel drain.

Penta Vessel Sink by Mac Stopa_2

Penta Vessel Sink by Mac Stopa_3

If you are not yet convinced, we are sure that the following piece of information will do the job. For its highly imaginative and almost abstract design, the Penta Sink won the 2013 Interior Design: Best of the Year award.

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