Sleep Pod – An advanced sleeping capsule with comfort and safety features

Sleep Pod by Outbound Studios

We daresay, this is the closest you can get to one of those science fiction inspired cryogenic chambers. Christened aptly as the ‘Sleep Pod’, it is conceived by the same guys who brought us the Sleep Dome. As a matter of fact, both of the conceptions are centered around the scope of sleeping (i.e., psychologically retiring) in the hustle and bustle of modern day scenarios. In that regard, the Sleep Pod, as the name suggests comprises of a futuristic looking pod which allows a single person or a couple to sleep in peace and safety.

The designers are pretty serious when it comes to this exclusive ambit of ‘peace and safety’. This is because, structurally the sturdy Sleep Pod will be able to deter intruders, while also being sound proof and fireproof. Even technologically, the transparent facade is crafted from ‘smart glass’ that has the capacity to regulate light induction inside the pod, on application of electricity. This is complemented by an advanced sound, light and air control mechanism that optimizes the internal comfort level of the capsule.

Sleep Pod: Who is it for?

Now, all of these may seem to be a bit far fetched for just a sleeping oriented conception. However, the designers have a clear commercial goal in their minds, when it comes to the potential of the Sleep Pod. In this regard, the product will be marketed towards consumers who belong to the medical community (and thus have to maintain their working schedule around the clock). This ‘bed’ conception will allow them to sleep privately as well as safely, without the intrusion of people or spatial factors.

Sleep Pod
Sleep Pod interior

Other Sleeping Capsules

The designers of the Sleep Pod, OutBoundStudios, seem to have gone out of business, unfortunately. But there are some other interesting alternatives on the market, for example the Tranquility Pod that we covered in an another post, or the capsule beds, which are inspired by the Japanese capsule hotels.

tranquility pod
Tranquility Pod

Or if you’re more into power napping to quickly recharge your battery, there’s the EnergyPod by Metronaps, which is according to the producers “the world’s first chair designed for napping in the work place.” And Podtime, that also offers napping solutions for office environments.

EnergyPod by Metronaps
The EnergyPod
podtime sleep pod

5 Comments on “Sleep Pod – An advanced sleeping capsule with comfort and safety features”

  1. Do you have a contact number for Outbound Studios as I am interested in the possibility of purchasing a Sleep Pod. Many thanks.

    1. Jason Lam says:

      How to buy the Sleep Pod? What is the price? And can it be delivered to Austria Graz?

      What is the percentage reduction of noise that the Sleep Pod can achieve?

      Thank you

  2. Emma Matthews says:

    A double one for couples who live in blocks of flats or in very close quarters with other people would be good

  3. David Kirby says:

    Would this suit me to sleep in this to contain my snoring so the wife can sleep in piece in the same room.

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