Traditional Bento Box crafted from just using salvaged wood scraps!

Bento Box by Rachel Elise

Bento Box by Rachel EliseCrafted from a range of materials starting from disposable containers to exquisite lacquer ware, the traditional ‘Bento’ has always remained a popular take-out meal box when it comes to Japanese cuisine. Inspired by this traditionalist popularity of the box like container, designer Rachel Elise has contrived her very own version of the Bento Box. This unique version alludes to the vernacular elegance of the original Bento. However, from the perspective of fabrication, the conception was made by utilizing scrap wood from various exotic varieties. And, that is not all; the painstaking construction process also eschewed any kind of hardware, thus notching up on its level of ‘purist’ essence.

Originally starting out as an experiment to use multiple densities (and even species) of wood, the conception took its final form through various ingenious yet traditional woodworking techniques. And, in spite of its avoidance of hardware usage, the Bento Box emerges as a singular component with connectivity as the main criteria. In this regard, the minimalist exterior walls were connected by finger joint, while the interior comprising of separate cubes was pieced and placed together by hand. These collective components were then finished with a simple coating of polyurethane.

Now, beyond the impeccably classic aesthetics, there is an underlining essence of conscientiousness about this Bento Box design. Some of it perhaps have to do with the low carbon quotient of the whole conception. As a matter of fact, the designer had already stated her intention in specifically utilizing materials that were bound for land fills. So, at the end of the day, the Bento Box is not only about ingenious traditional values but also entails sustainability in its core ambit.

Bento Box by Rachel Elise

Thanks, Rachel Elise

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