wooden tabletop

Taking care of new wooden furniture: Tips

There is no doubt that wood furniture continues to win the hearts of consumers even with the traction of artificial materials. Cheaper may sound good to others but not all, and that is why authentic wooden pieces still hold the crown in the furniture world. The undeniable beauty of wood, …

glass tulip dining table

6 Reasons Why A Tulip Table Is The Most Versatile Dining Table

If you’ve ever stepped into the world of interior design, you could not have missed out on the iconic little black dress of home decor, the Tulip table. In 1957, a highly celebrated designer, Eero Saarinen, created this masterpiece by removing what he referred to as the “slum of legs” …

dining room restyling

Four Creative Ways to Transform Your Dining Room

The modern dining area is more than a place to break bread. It has become an important space for family discussions, entertainment and many now working at home, it has become the office.  Transforming your dining room can help you to build a space that makes you feel happy, cozy …

Tuft & Paw: The West Elm of Cat Furniture

Cat ownership can be a joy, but it does come at a price. Fur-covered clothes, litter box cleanings, hairballs, and distressed sofas are just part of the package. But for many cat parents, the worst part of owning a cat is the evil necessity of ugly cat furniture. Many pet …

Nendo Trace furniture collection features sketch-like outlines

To commemorate the annual Collective Design Fair in New York City, Japanese Studio Nendo has recently unveiled its latest Trace furniture collection. Each furniture piece features sketch-like outlines that are designed to literally ‘trace’ the motions of furniture’s moving elements.

Chill-Out by Adrenalina – an armchair or an ottoman?

Add splashing vibrant hues to your interior with Chill-Out by Adrenalina. It is a multipurpose piece of furniture that will leave you wondering whether it is an armchair or an ottoman. Well, it’s both. By simply pushing its backrest, you can turn this comfortable armchair into a relaxing ottoman.