hangzhou stool

Min Chen’s Hangzhou Stool made from flexible bamboo veneers

Whenever we talked about flexibility in furniture, the scope is mostly related to the varied function of the item. However, Chinese designer Min Chen has designed the unique Hangzhou Stool, a seat that is literally flexible in its structure. Inspired by the impressionable lifestyle of Hangzhou residents, the stool comprises of 16 ‘elastic’ layers of …

Johan de Beer’s LED lamp crafted from real bamboo

The last time we came across a bamboo conception that deftly replicated bamboo’s natural essence was in the case of the classy ‘Bambosa’ seat. This time around the scope is more novel in nature, given that the design pertains to a gorgeous LED lamp. Created by South African Johan de …

Bambosa seat crafted from a combination of bamboo and steel

Bambosa seat crafted from a combination of bamboo and steel

Looking like an exotic artifact salvaged from one of the Polynesian islands, this exquisite bamboo crafted seat certainly holds our fancy. However, there is more to the aptly named ‘Bambosa’ then meets the eyes. And, that is exactly why this naturalistic furniture design tickles our interest in the first place.

Mocubo Mini one stop chop for you on the go

Mocubo Mini made up of both plastic and bamboo with a dimension of 242 × 280 × 55mm proves itself a one stop chop for you. Mocubo mini has been prepared to serve your meals while you are on the go. Designed ¾ of the original size, Mocubo mini looks …