Kohler Briolette washbasin inspired by precisely-cut gemstones

The latest collection of Kohler Briolette washbasin brings fine craftsmanship of precious stone-cutting into bathroom. The timeless beauty of the tactile washbasin reflects through transparent triangular-faceted patterns on spherical glass sinks. The handmade thin walls of the sink elegantly highlight textural qualities of glass, while creating striking reflective effect.

Axor Design’s new faucets look like miniature water fountains

To add dramatic touch and lively aesthetic to ordinary bathroom taps, Axor Design has come up with exquisite line of faucets that looks like miniature water fountains. These unusual faucets are designed as part of the company’s Waterdream project that focuses on new ways to access water in regular bathrooms.

Guggenheim museum to boast 18-karat solid gold toilet

Guggenheim Museum in New York is renowned for presenting forward-thinking, extraordinary modern art. But now the art museum is all set to unveil a royal installation, 18-karat solid gold toilet. Designed by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, the 13-feet tall gold toilet is titled ‘America’ by the artist.

How to give your bathroom an amazing spa look

Your bathroom is the only space where you can be alone with your thoughts at the end of the day. It offers true respite from the chaos of the outside world. Spas also offer relaxation and help one in feeling good. It is not always possible to visit spas but …

custom shower base

Custom Shower Base: How To Make a Shower Pan

The prefabricated shower pans have nothing special about them, yet they cost a ton. This is the reason why several homeowners are walking the DIY route for making their very own custom shower base. One should undertake this type of project only if they have prior experience of tackling DIY …

Inflatable Bathtub

Inflatable bathtub lets you work and enjoy at same time

This inflatable bathtub is a revolutionary and multi-functional item that allows you work while enjoying the sunny side in the pool. The bathtub is designed on a very interesting concept, allowing workaholics to have splendid time with friends and family while working. The bathtub for adults is exactly like any ordinary …


Line by Justyna Czołnowska rejuvenates your senses with curvaceous form

Justyna Czołnowska, a Poland-based interior designer, designed a contemporary and fashionable shower panel named Line for the leading global bathroom brand Roca. According to Czołnowska, idea behind designing Line was to create an inspirational effect between the shower panel and human body. The Line is designed in the shape of a wave, and …