Octagonal Jag Grill BBQ Table!

Jag Grill BBQ Table_1

Simple yet clever design of Jag Grill BBQ Table makes it an awesome furniture item to own and place it in your backyard. I bet your guests will always wait for an invitation if you own this octagonal table.

It has integrated fire-pit and dome and designed to have grilling stations at every seat. Your guests sit on their seats and than they just need to throw meats in the center.

This table can really add memorable times with your friends and guests as it makes everyone so comfortable with the simplicity of its usage. More on that its modular design makes it very easy to clean.

Jag Grill BBQ Table_2

Jag Grill BBQ Table_3

Jag Grill BBQ Table_4

Jag Grill BBQ Table_5

Jag Grill BBQ Table_6

Jag Grill BBQ Table_7

More at: Thebbqinfo

3 Comments on “Octagonal Jag Grill BBQ Table!”

  1. Carroll Gauthier says:

    Where do you find the prices on this bbq octagon table.

    1. $2,499. Price is at the end of the pictures

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