Hidden: A portable bathroom sink that can be concealed inside a box

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As we all know, clean sinks and basins belong in the realm of fiction. But what is generally dirty in the real world – with our hardening toothpastes, clutter of half used razors and half finished shaving cream containers, can always be hidden from plain view. This simply ‘neat’ design path is followed as an solution by the aptly named Hidden, a sink that is incredibly concealed in a box.

Still in its conceptual stage, the Hidden is the brainchild of designer Giulio Gianturco envisioned for Makro. The working scope of the contrivance is pretty straightforward; the sink is crafted from Corian (a solid-surface composite of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate from DuPont), and comprises of the usual fixtures expected from a bathroom basin. These include – stainless steel tap, an adjustable mirror with light, a plug outlet and a nifty little storage beneath for keeping your brushes, shaving creams and mouthwashes.

The entire assembly can be safely kept in the wooden box, and hidden away when your brushing and flossing purposes are over. This should result in a perfectly clutter-less space for your home’s bathroom, which spares you from bludgeoning your morning initiative every time you walk in front of the dirty mirror.

Moreover, the Hidden also has the potential be a portable solution for the business travelers among us who prefer their homely sink to ‘god-knows-what-occurred-in-those’ hotel sinks. But of course, for this ambit to work properly, there have to be practical fixes for portable plumbing and electrical supply.

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Via: Gizmodo

3 Comments on “Hidden: A portable bathroom sink that can be concealed inside a box”

  1. joanna bruce says:

    I am looking for two concealed sinks for two therapy rooms that can open up into a large training room. I came accross your lovely design.
    Can you send me further details and prices please

    1. Hello Joanna, you can find more info here

  2. I would love to know where I can get this sink

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