The electric Lampo Motion Sofa transforms into a bed, via remote control

Lampo Motion Sofa

Convertible sofas allude to the design evolution of furniture, with modern products showcasing their multi-purpose credentials along with spatial efficiency. The Lampo Motion Sofa sticks to this trend of progressive functionality, albeit with its own advanced attributes of electronic control. Created by Milano Bedding, the sofa can be operated by a dedicated remote control device, thus eschewing those complex processes of manual arrangement.

As far as the transforming features are concerned, the Lampo Motion Sofa can be easily converted into a 200 cm long mattress with just a push of the control device button. The furniture piece achieves this state of physical metamorphosis by virtue of a built-in electronic motor. The innovation however is not just limited to the transformation, but also relates to how seamlessly this scope of transformation is accomplished. The users don’t even need to alter the positions of the cushions for the effect to take place.

The ambit of electronics is further bolstered by the improved structural credentials of the Lampo Motion Sofa. In this regard, the frame of the sofa-bed is made from sturdy steel with weld-mesh, while the armrests and headboards are crafted from solid fir, particle wood and poplar plywood. Additionally, the upholstery is attained with cotton and polyester fibers, draped in removable (and washable) cotton fabric.

Lampo Motion Sofa_1 Lampo Motion Sofa_2 Lampo Motion Sofa_3 Lampo Motion Sofa_4

Finally, as for the commercial side of affairs, you can choose a variety of mattress types to suit your preference. For further details concerning buying, pricing and specs, please follow the ArchiExpo link.

Via: MilanoBedding

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  1. ROCKY LAGIOIA says:

    I am interested in purchasing one of these. Please let me know what the price is…

    Thank you!


  2. Michael Allen says:

    Would like to purchase for my mom

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