LIFT – A height adjustable mechanism that combines a sink and shower

Movable furniture conceptions have always enticed us with their multi-purpose credentials. The very same functional scope is now exhibited by the LIFT, a movable sink and shower combo for our bathrooms.

A Shower Sink Combo for Smaller Bathrooms

LIFT the shower sink combo

Conceptualized by Polish designer Marta Szymkowiak (who also brought us the Ro Table), the LIFT shower sink combo can be used as a conventional sink for washing our hand and face. However, its height is totally adjustable, thus allowing it to easily slide along a vertical post fixed to the wall.

Now, there is a separate shower component beneath the sink section. So, when we raise LIFT’s height over our head, we can use it as a comfortable shower. The LIFT’s height can also be lowered for the children (as a low height sink) or when we need to clean our legs and feet (as a low height shower).

sink in shower combination

According to the designer, this inherent flexibility in usage will be partly achieved by the combination of two different taps, placed above and below the washbasin. The working scope will additionally comprise of a special system of water pipe and drain pipe, both of which will be integrated with the lifting mechanism.

LIFT that combines a sink and shower by Marta Szymkowiak_3

So, at the end of the day, the ambit is all about multi-functionality. But the best part about the LIFT is that it breaks all rules of conventionality. And it does so with its own conscientious essence that caters to different types of users as well as different types of uses.

Via: Martaszym

5 Comments on “LIFT – A height adjustable mechanism that combines a sink and shower”

  1. I was considering to use this type of shower in sink combination in my tiny house design but I was wondering what is the price range for a system like this? Also I wanted to know more information about how much water intake for the shower to work? Pleas contact me asap about more information for this system

    1. Marta Szymkowiak says:

      This project has still status of concept so we don’t know the production, function and price details. Hope we will find some brave company to try to prototipe it.

      1. Tollebeke says:

        Ik ben in ieder geval ook interesseert in dit ontwerp;
        Laat mij weten als het uitgevoerd wordt

  2. Zofia Kruz-Gazda says:

    Witam serdecznie, jestem z Polski i chciałabym dowiedzieć się czy ten prysznic z umywalka jest dostępny i w jakiej cenie. Coś takiego potrzebuję z powodu mojej niepełnosprawności i moich dzieci. W jakiej cenie? Szukam również toaletę i szafki z nietypową wysokością i otwarciem. Proszę o email. Pozdrawiam Zofia Kruz-Gazda

  3. karen mullin says:

    This is an amazing concept for a super small bathroom. I am hopeful it will also not be super expensive. Tiny bathroom means tiny home and tiny budget. Looking forward to this design concept becoming a reality.

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