‘The Cat and Mouse’ automaton clock fuses elegance with motion

Do you reminisce about the capers of Tom and Jerry? Do you enjoy the Itchy and Scratchy show as much as Bart Simpson? And, finally do you have bucket loads of money to splurge on novelty accessories from well known brands? Well, if the answer to all these questions is – yes, then the pictured ‘The Cat and Mouse’ automaton clock is surely tailored for you.

Crafted by Swiss luxury watch-makers Parmigiani Fleurier, the sculptural conception grandiosely captures the dynamics of a cat and mouse game. The visual aspect of the magnificent clock is defined by the elegant black obsidian body of the cat that ‘perpetually’ chases the white gold mouse with studded diamonds. And, beyond just gold, diamond and obsidian there is also a healthy dose of other precious jewels like rubies, emeralds and sapphires that bedeck the eyes and noses of our feline and rodent friends.

Now, we did mention that the cat chases the mouse perpetually (just like in Tom and Jerry!). This is because the clock doubles up as an automaton device, in which the cat body moves in a circular one-hour timed circuit. And, as the cat moves closer to the mouse (in irregular intervals), the diamond-studded creature leaps away mechanically.

Other than such remarkable ‘motional’ features, ‘The Cat and Mouse’ is a manual time-setting clock that can be be winded by using a key. As for user convenience, the outer surface of the mechanism is completely dust-proof and the inner power-train boasts of 8-days power reserve.

Via: Parmigiani LuxuryLaunches

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  1. Harold Sims says:

    how do I get one for The American Museum of the House Cat?

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