Linear to showcase the world’s first UL compliant garage door opener

We have had our taste of a few innovative CES 2014 products, ranging from Samsung’s gargantuan 105-inch 5K TV to LG’s smart appliance range that can be controlled via LINE chat. And, now Linear (a division of Nordek) will unveil their special Z-Wave garage door opener as a part of a larger Iris home automation system.Linear UL compliant garage door opener_1

Touted as the world’s very first UL compliant garage door opener, the advanced product is unpretentiously called the GD00Z-1.

In fact, it is the controller’s UL centered specifications that makes it stand apart from comparable security systems.

So, what are advantages of the UL compliance? Well, according to Linear designers, it gives the home automation components an air of credibility.

Of course, non-compliant products are not illegal. But if they are to be easily available across various retail outlets, they have to be UL listed. This makes it convenient for the consumer to actually choose and purchase their preferred components.

As for the working nature of the ambit, it entails a bevy of scenarios, including – setting your garage door to a timer, or controlling it via the internet. There are also additional security features like, automatic sealing of the door with LED indication and sound alarms, if activated in an unattended mode.

And in case, if some of you are confused about exactly does UL encompass; the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a safety organization that certifies products and sets standards from numerous avenues, like – sustainability, plastic materials to wire and cable and electronics.

Lastly, the Z-Wave garage door opener will make its public debut in CES 2014, while it will commercially launch along with Iris home automation system.

Linear UL compliant garage door opener_2

The controller is expected to retail for $99, and will be commercially available from March 2014.

Via: CEPro

3 Comments on “Linear to showcase the world’s first UL compliant garage door opener”

  1. Cyrus Lee says:

    This Linear garage door opener claims UL compliance, but is it certified by UL? Does it have the UL Mark? I checked and could not locate this product.

    1. Dattatreya Mandal says:

      It might be listed once it is available commercially. The retailing is expected to commence from March at a price of $99.

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