10 Cleaning Hacks that are sure to make your home clean in a jiffy

We all have a secret wish list for the house and the kitchen, which we don’t share with anyone. That list generally includes pending cleaning missions for the mixer, grill, doors, windows, microwave and so on and so forth. How we wish we had somebody to do the dirty jobs.

But fretting will not help, instead read on and discover the hacks we have lined for making life simple for you.

1. Cleaning the shower head

Cleaning the shower head_1

Is your shower crying out for attention and you know that the hard water deposits are suffocating it. Don’t call the handyman service. Just pour a cup of vinegar in a plastic bag and fit it tightly over the showerhead. Give the vinegar and an hour or so to do its magic. Now wipe the scum away and have pleasant power showers again.

2. Deep Cleaning for the dishwasher

Deep Cleaning for the dishwasher_2

Have you ever thought that although the dish cleaner does the cleaning it might need a makeover from the inside too. On the next opportunity keep a bowl filled with white vinegar on its top rack and run the hot cycle. Now sprinkle some baking soda on it’s floor and run a shorter hot cycle again. Wipe it clan with a moist cloth.

3. Fix the drain blockages

Fix the drain blockages_3

Are the slow drains worrying you, and pointing towards an impending disaster around the block. Take charge now, just drop 4 Alka-Seltzer tabs down the pipes and follow it quickly with a cup of vinegar. Now wait for ten minutes and open some boiling water for a few minutes.

4. Removal of carpet stains was never so easy

Removal of carpet stains was never so easy_4

Are you scowling every time you see the stains on the carpet from the Halloween party you threw. We have the ammunition ready for you. Just mix 2 parts of water with one part of vinegar and spray it on the stain.  Lay a damp rag on it and let it rest for ten minutes. Now iron the rag, with the steam setting for thirty seconds to a minute. The stains will evaporate in the air, as if it was never there. This is your personal steamer stain secret.

5. Polishing of silver is so retro

Polishing of silver is so retro_5

Who has time to spend in polishing family silver heirlooms? We have just the trick for you. Line a dish with foil and add half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of table salt. Now fill it up with hot water and drop the silver in it. It will just take thirty minutes for the tarnish to go. Now rinse them in cold water and wipe them dry.

6. Handle pukey disasters calmly

Handle pukey disasters calmly_6

A houseful of kids will have many pukey incidents and in all probability they will happen in places you hoped they wouldn’t. So next time your kid spills your dainty sofa with puke, do not panic. Just make a paste of water and baking soda. Now take a spatula or butter knife and spread a thick layer on the stain. Forget about it till the next morning and just scoop the debris in a vacuum. This is a sure shot method for urine on the rugs too. Hooray !

7. Dry clean your mattress

Dry clean your mattress_7

W spend almost one third of our live sleeping. And, a few wakeful hours thinking if there was away to clean the mattress too. Well there is one. Just pour Vodka in a spray bottle, spray it generously on the mattress and let it air dry. The drunken mattress will let go of all bacteria and will disinfect itself in a few hours.

8. Get rid of the pet hair

Get rid of the pet hair_8

We all love pets but not their hair, that they leave all over the house. The house looks likes a  disaster when they are shedding and you always thought, what can you do. Well you can sweep your rugs and carpets with a rubber squeegee and don’t be chocked at what you collect.

9. Clean the blender without a fuss

Clean the blender without a fuss_9

A blender is like your good friend; it rarely lets you down and is always there to solve your cooking woes. It is often the last things on a clean up list. Next time just fill up the jar with water; drop a small drop of dish cleaning liquid and blend. Dump, rinse and dry. It was never rocket science.

10. Dry your clothes faster

Dry your clothes faster_10

If you need super dry clothes in a jiffy, then just throw in a dry towel with the rest of the load and run the the drier cycle for fifteen minutes. the excess moisture will be absorbed by the dry towel and the clothes will dry out faster.

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