5 Cozy and Functional Renovations You Can Do on A Budget

kitchen renovation

It’s common for people to keep their layout the same from the time they move in until the time they leave. Shaking things up can make your space more functional and tailored to your needs.

Easy renovations can help you to adjust to every change in your life, and build a space that makes you feel happy, cozy, and productive. Build your ideal living space easily with these fun and simple renovation projects.

Refresh the Kitchen with New Fixtures

After a while, the things you were once excited about in your kitchen can become drab and boring. The good news is that there are several simple fixes that you can count on. These can change the entire feel of your kitchen, without any major construction.

Some of the best fixtures and features that you can change easily include:

  • Cabinets/knobs
  • Lighting fixtures (overhead and otherwise)
  • Countertops
  • Splash guard
  • Features like an island, bar cart, or wine fridge

You can hire an installation team or go DIY, which means you can get these projects done on a smaller budget in your own time. 

Turn a Spare Bedroom into A Home Office

You’ve heard of the junk drawer, but what about the junk room? Many people have rooms in their homes or apartments that are cluttered with junk. Maybe it was intended to be a guest room, but now it is only occupied a few times a year. Perhaps it is an old bedroom for a child who is now in college. Whatever the reason, it is a space that is one renovation project away from being a functional home office.

To start the transformation, do a major cleanout of all the junk. Decide what you can part with, and what you can repurpose or store. 

After the room is empty, set it up with a desk, plenty of lighting, a cozy rug, and maybe a few bookshelves. Now you have a great home office where you can take calls, work from home, and even read or study in your free time.

Don’t Forget About the Garage!

Many families forget that the garage doesn’t just have to serve as storage for garden tools and sports equipment. It can be an extra room if renovated in the right way. People have turned their garages into offices, hang out spaces, workshops for building or crafting, and more!

Before you start, you’ll have to evaluate how much the elements have affected the exterior. Even on a budget, you can find experts who will handle water damage repair quickly and easily. Sweep, vacuum, check for bugs and mold, and then proceed with the project. Rugs and curtains are a great way to make the garage feel more open.

Add some easily cleaned furniture that you can push to the sides if you need to park the car. It is simple, but this renovation project is a great way to make use of your space and have more fun in your house. 

Transform the Backyard with Portable Features

Renovations don’t have to alter the structure of your property; you can completely renew a space by using furniture items. The backyard is the perfect place to try this. A sparse yard becomes instantly homey with the addition of a fire pit and a few stylish patio chairs. Elevate and transform with steppingstones, outdoor grills, and maybe even a bar cart.

Simplify Kids Bedrooms with Innovative Storage Solutions

Improve your child’s bedroom storage and get more out of the space by introducing under bed bins or drawers. A real expert can work with furniture to create multi-functional pieces. One example of this is a bench that can be opened up as a toy box. 

Think outside the box and create furniture that serves multiple purposes.

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