5 Steps to Follow When Selling Your Home

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Have you ever thought of selling your home but had no idea where to start? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Most homeowners dream of a simple, stress-free home selling process where they list their home, get a qualified buyer quickly, collect the cash and give out the keys. If only it was that straightforward!

Selling a home, in reality, involve many things, from house appraisals, things you can control, and those out of your hand. Therefore, you need to be ready as a seller and control the factors that can make the whole process run smoothly. 

Below are some of the things you should have at the back of your head when you want to sell your home quickly and smoothly.

Select a listing agent

A listing agent will represent you to get the best deal based on your interests. When selecting a listing agent, always look around and interview at least three. Select one listing agent based on experience to be safe in the future.

Ask all the relevant questions about the listing agreement, the commission to pay, and the time length to list your home. A listing agent will ensure everything will be done correctly and at the right time.

Prepare your home for sale

Get your house ready for sale by improving curb appeal, decluttering, and cleaning it. You can go for a professional stager to help stage your home when buyers want to see it or talk to your real estate agent to give out ideas. Use your furniture!

If you are not in for a complete staging or you can’t afford it, use some of the virtual staging apps. These can help stage your home digitally and use the photos in other marketing material or your listing. Repair your house and inspect to see any potential issue areas.

Price your home

One of the mistakes you can make is overpricing your home when selling. Always check the market of homes similar to yours before setting the selling price. Keep your home price around the similar sold homes identified in the comparative market analysis.

Check the market state, whether it is neutral, cold, or hot, and price the home competitively and accordingly. A real estate agent can help you to price your home correctly. Pricing your home too high or too low will affect the buying process.

Marketing your listing

Once you are done with all preparation, get your listing to as many buyers as possible. You can use different ways to advertise your listing effectively. One of the first and most essential ways of listing your home is advertising across various channels. Homebuyers will always search for homes in many ways, from an online listing and surfing to searching for “open” signs in front of houses.

Moving out and fulfilling the closing obligation

Ensure you collect all your stuff and plan to move out. Moving out is not easy and cheap. Therefore, plan the right time to move and the cost to be on the safer side.
As the seller, you are responsible for the whole process and some legal documents. Therefore, ensure every document is in the right place and submit property disclosures. Sign the required documents, hand over the keys and close the transaction.

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