Andre Rothblatt Architecture creates Steampunk Bathroom

Modern and hi-tech bathroom designs are always welcomed and appreciated by us. But this time San Francisco based architect Andre Rothblatt has come up with a Steampunk bathroom that gives complete retro style look and feel to your bathroom with Victorian touch. Stylish copper piping, gears, gauges, Victorian styled wallpaper and dark in texture tiles brings in the feel of subway. The most unique thing you will notice about this steampunk bathroom is that Andre Rothblatt has explained the overall mechanism about bathroom with all exposed pipes and related stuff. This bold characteristic you will always miss in your modern and hi-tech bathrooms. While water runs through pipes one can hear whooshing sound and can easily feel the flowing water through the pipe.

Andre Rothblatt Architecture located in the San Francisco Design Center is an award winning San Francisco architecture firm. Graduated from UC Berkeley with BA in Architecture in the year 1983, Rothblatt has more than 20 years experience in his profession. He established his San Francisco residential architecture office in the year 1993. His creative work has been published in know magazines like Sunset Magazine, House Beautiful, Fine Homebuilding and HGTV.

Via: Laughingsquid