Chai_U prepares and serves you tea in quick time

Last vacation while I was in India, I had witnessed that Indian life starts with tea in morning and gets charged up at noon’s time with the same. This drink has lots of respect and is consumed twice or may be thrice in regular intervals every day. What I saw there is that tea making process is very traditional and time consuming as-well.

Well, the reason I am discussion this topic here is because I am going to introduce you with special tea maker, designed by Spanish designer Jose Genoves that will not only simplify the process of tea making but will also saves your crucial time. Design developed for Philips can make up to four cups of tea for you at a time. This home appliance adds more value as designer has given complete new dimension to it when it comes to tea serving both at individual and social level.

More on that Chai-U have all the required ingredients already integrated and heats up only required amount of water to make up tea for your comfort.

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