Colorado Treehouse by Missy Brown features rooftop patio

Colorado Treehouse by Missy Brown

Treehouses have been our weakness here at Home Harmonizing. We have been really fascinated with these abodes on tress. While, most rousing treehouses we’ve seen here, are created for off-grid dwelling, this one dubbed Colorado Treehouse designed by architect Missy Brown was designed primarily as a unique and rustic setting for hosting lunch and dinner parties.

But as it turned out, this couldn’t just remain as a cool spot for parties, it’s now good enough to accommodate a single family.

Colorado Treehouse by Missy Brown-1

Set up in a woody part of Vail, Colorado, this exclusive retreat can be accessed via spiral staircase. The treehouse can be used around the year for a variety of activities, thanks to its location and architectural intelligence.

The treehouse is equipped with a kitchenette, small dining area, a small bedroom and an electric baseboard. But the real attraction is the rooftop patio that can be used for a host of activities.

Colorado Treehouse by Missy Brown-2

Adding more to the interiors, the Colorado Treehouse is furnished with a work desk and couch. If you want a quiet spot to read or relax and a unique place to enjoy with your family, then get inspired and get down to build a treehouse of your own. When you have one ready, leave us the details of your creation below.

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Via: UsualHouse

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