Dominique Ansel’s masterpiece – Frothing cold milk in chocolate-made shot glass

Chocolate chip cookie milk shot

Delectably artistic – this in a chocolate shell (sorry nutshell!) describes the above pictured concoction served up by New York-based chef Dominique Ansel. His masterpiece of a culinary combo includes an edible shot glass made from chocolate cookie dough that holds frothing ice-cold milk; truly a match made for heaven!

Ansel, who is also the proud owner of Dominique Ansel Bakery, is no stranger to glorious combinations prepared for the sweet-toothed among us. In fact, his scrumptious Cronut (fusing donut and croissant) has made its presence felt across numerous food sites in the online realm.

And now the master is back, this time with the application of a special technique that keeps the cookie dough aerated enough to support its constitution as a shot glass. The milk-part inspiration obviously came from the exalted Oreo. Nodding his hat to this pop cultural gastronomical influence, he finally succeeded in combining the cookie with milk into a singular ‘Holy Grail’ dish.

Via: Neatorama

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