How to Take the Stress out of Moving Day

moving boxes

Moving house is one of the top life experiences for causing stress. The whole process is a challenge; it isn’t easy to put the house on the market and sell and buy the new property. But, the part that is usually the worst is the moving day itself. Most of us have had the experience of that last day finally arriving and being so unprepared we feel like the proverbial headless chickens. There are many aspects of moving house that is the same every time unless you are a Mennonite; check out this move where they move an entire house by hand!

Plan & Organize Yourself

Success in any task or project starts with a well-organized plan. A simple list of everything that needs to be done can be all you need. A good strategy might be to place the essential items first, such as packing up boxes before vacuuming the carpets. We can do this the old-fashioned way by using a notepad and paper, but many apps for your tablet or phone can help.

Think About Storage

Sometimes it’s not as easy as taking all our belongings from place A to place B. We should think about a storage facility for some of our property is a good idea? Often, our moving out date is either very close to our moving in date or a gap. Using storage can take the stress out of trying to fit everything in on day one. Make sure you have the essentials and the basics delivered for the first day, and then use the storage to filter the rest in over a week or two.

Hire the Best Movers

We can hire a truck or trailer to move our things personally, but the stress-free method is definitely hiring a professional moving company. They can efficiently organize your furniture to ensure it comes off the truck in the right order and is put in the new house in the correct rooms, and quickly. We’ve always used the Roseville Moving Company, who offer a first-rate service.

Packaging & Boxes

Well labeled, strong boxes are a must for any move. One golden rule is to buy more than you think you will need. Everyone underestimates how much clutter they have built up over the years. It is a good idea to have a clear-out before packing the boxes, but you will use a lot of them even then.

Travel & Accommodation

How we get there and whether or not to use temporary accommodation are questions that depend on how far we are going and when the new house will be ready. If we are moving internationally, we will most likely fly and, if possible, have a stop-over somewhere in a hotel. It’s possible if the new house is not ready, we may have decorating or building work needing done, we may have to look for temporary accommodation. A short-term let on rental property could be the answer here.

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