Interesting Home improvement works that add the most value to a house

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Two factors that every homeowner should analyse intricately before investing in any home improvement projects are: if the project will be capable of improving the home’s comfort and functionality and whether it can boost the home resale value. The best home improvement projects will add to your home’s value and give you the best returns on investment. While it might be challenging for you to decide which projects will improve your home value, we have compiled some of the essential home improvements that will add value to your house. 

What to consider before carrying out improvement work

Have a goal

What do you desire to achieve with your home improvement projects? Are you planning to flip the house; make your home a lot more attractive and reselling it at a very high price after a long while. Is your plan more short-term? You have to ensure you ask yourself these questions before undertaking any improvement work in your house. 

If you are improving your home to boost its functionality and upgrade its livability for your household, it won’t have the same approach with, say, renovating a rental property. 

In the former scenario, comfort will be the utmost priority. Costs may not matter much. 

Where to improve

At times, knowing which part of your house to start renovating or improving may be challenging. This is why this article exists, to serve as a guide and to help you make the right decisions. Generally, a budget-friendly way of improving your home’s curb appeal is by improving your home’s exterior. For instance, using garden decking boards and fencing panels may be a good option if you plan to enhance your home’s value. 

Return on investment

Home improvement projects have two benefits — enhancing the livability-cum-comfort of your home and giving you a high yield of profit after you sell your home. You must try to balance the two potential benefits by ensuring that your home improvement projects are value-driven. For instance, ask yourself, ‘does having a new garage offer the most value for the money invested?’

Best home improvement works that add the most value to a house

Kitchen Upgrade

A kitchen upgrade can increase your home value by up to 90%. Prospective home buyers are usually choosy about kitchen types. They particularly look at the style and functionality of the kitchen area. So, here are some tips that can help you improve the aesthetics of your kitchen, making it more appealing to homebuyers:

  • A budget-friendly way of improving the beauty of your kitchen is by painting the walls. White coloured paint can create an illusion of an expansive kitchen area while giving your kitchen a neat appearance. 
  • Proper lighting in your kitchen area can improve its attractiveness, homeliness, accentuate fine features while creating warmth and inviting aura. A dimly-lit kitchen never looks appealing to home buyers. Even a pendant light over your kitchen countertop is enough to give your kitchen a pleasant look. 
  • Another affordable way of making your kitchen more pleasant is by refurbishing used Kitchen cabinets. How do you refurbish the kitchen cabinet? By repainting, polishing and spraying them with different colours. This will keep them in top shape and retain their fantastic looks. 

Bathroom Revamp

Although your bathroom may be the smallest room in your home, it is one of the busiest and most essential areas. An upgraded bathroom can dramatically increase your home value. A cloggy, unpleasant and overused bathroom is unappealing. In the same light, a revamped, neat, pleasantly-looking bathroom with clean surfaces and decoration is appealing and will catch every homebuyer’s attention. 

Here are some ways to improve your bathroom aesthetics: 

  • A sure way to refresh your bathroom’s appearance and make your bathroom look capacious (if it looks small) is by painting the walls in bright colours. 
  • Installing a beautiful floor is another way of improving the appearance of your bathroom. You can install a porcelain tile to create a luxurious aura. 
  • Replace old bathroom fixtures and plumbing fittings to give your bathroom a fresh appearance. 

Home Exterior Improvement

Your home exterior comprises your front door and entrance. It is the key to enhancing your home’s curb appeal. Your home’s outdoors is the key to creating a hospitable and inviting atmosphere. It is always a worthwhile investment to keep your porch and front door elegant and beautiful. Some ways of keeping your home outdoor nice and aesthetical appealing include installing composite decking and fencing, decorating your home entrance with flower pots, using garden arts and outdoor furniture. This can go a long way in setting positive first impressions for home buyers. 

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