Nendo’s “delectable” Never Empty Mug Collection released for Starbucks

Never Empty Mug by Nendo_1

Coffee aficionados must surely be fond of those intricate patterns deftly scrawled above their creamy cappuccino or delectable mocaccino servings. But the sad part is the pattern goes away once you lustfully dig into your favorite beverage. Well, Japanese studio Nendo understands your conundrum when it comes to preserving food art for a finite time. And as an ingenious solution, they have introduced the Never Empty Mug Collection, exclusively as Starbucks merchandise.

As we can make out from the images, the cups effectively mimic the coffee-art patterns on their bottom side. These adroitly achieved graphical additions always maintain the essence of ‘fullness’ of your coffee mug, even when they are empty and being dried upside down.

The Never Empty Mug Collection will be available in three varieties, with each model pertaining to a particular coffee style, like Americano, Latte and Caramel Macchiato. And, the good thing for the coffee enthusiasts (at least the ones from Japan) is that they can avail the product from Japanese Starbucks outlets, starting from 19th of March.

Never Empty Mug by Nendo_2 Never Empty Mug by Nendo_3 Never Empty Mug by Nendo_4 Never Empty Mug by Nendo_5

Via: URDesign

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