Rolognese Spaghetti Fork solves your kid’s spaghetti eating woes

Rolognese Spaghetti Fork

Spaghetti aficionados, are you still visited by those recurring nightmares where your kids (and sometimes even you) are not able to finish the remnants of a bowl of your favorite Italian food due to those dastardly forks? Well, now then it is time to rejoice with hope, as we have come across the Rolognese Spaghetti Fork.

Made by a novelty studio known asĀ Donkey-Products, the contraption in question combines a fork and a cranking mechanism. This cranking mechanism comprises of a handle at one end which can be rotated to slowly spin the fork. So, once the fork is spun inside those slippery masses of spaghetti, the thin threads of pasta get easily wound around the utensil.

Of course, the picture shows a kid having a good time with her Rolognese Spaghetti Fork (and hence, we understand the design’s targeted consumer base). However, we do suspect that many of us adults would also be thrilled with the prospect of gorging down on those gravy smeared ends of the bowl by just spinning the fork.

Price: $12.79

Rolognese Spaghetti Fork_1

Via: FoodBeast

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