See Through Toaster gives you the benefit of a visual aid for making perfect toasts

See Through Toaster by Chaya Harntaweewongsa_1

There are toasters that depend on advanced sensors for that perfect slice of toast, and there are toasters that pop horizontally for upholding the safety factor. However, the above pictured See Through Toaster ditches all of these seemingly highfalutin features in favor of simplicity.

Envisioned by Chaya Harntaweewongsa, a designer from PLERN Studio, the See Through Toaster has the advantage of transparency. In essence, users can simply look through the glass to see if their morning toast is ineffectively burnt or efficaciously crispy. So, in other words, it is the simple, real-time visual interface that would allow one to make his/her toasts preferably ‘cooked’.

There is also a tinge of novelty that can be associated with the transparent glass cover of the See Through Toaster. But beyond that – the nifty design is unfortunately still in its conceptual stage.

See Through Toaster by Chaya Harntaweewongsa_2

Via: YankoDesign

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