Sense Sleep Tracker smartly rectifies our sleeping pattern sans physical intrusion

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The burgeoning domain of remote health monitoring takes yet another small step forward with the ‘Sense’, an unobtrusive sleep tracker from Hello with the capacity to gauge the very environment of your bedroom. The bantam little system mainly comprises of two components – the globe-shaped hub that can be kept on the bed-side table, and a tiny gizmo called the ‘Sleep Pill’ that can be seamlessly attached to your pillow.

Arguably, this pillow-attached pill is the crucial component of the collective tracking system – with its ability to keep tab on your personal sleeping pattern. This ambit of ‘measurement’ covers the sessions of tossing and turning, involuntary snoring and even those embarrassing bouts of talking in sleep.

Such physical attributes are tracked in combination with the micro-climatic conditions of your bedroom, including the ambient temperature, humidity level and even the interior illumination level. All of these parameters are then smartly processed, and the best resultant condition is finally determined that would help you to sleep more comfortably.

Considering that most of us spend one-third of our lifetimes in the snug pursuit of sleeping, a better ambiance for this resting activity is certainly a big deal. And, the best part is – all of the collected data can be easily accessed via dedicated Android and iOS apps, thus making the comfortable scope literally within your hand’s reach.

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Lastly, as for the commercial side of affairs, the Sense Sleep tracker has steamrolled through its Kickstarter goal of $100,000 with a current overall pledge of $870,982 (with 27 days still to go), and pricing starting from $99.

Via: Hello (product page).

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