Christmas Tree Stand

Easy to store Christmas Tree Stand

Composed of three movable rings, this Christmas tree stand has tightened leg attached to each ring. After using you can easily detach legs of this Christmas tree and store it for next festive season.

Tips to decorate your house for Spring

Tips to decorate your house for Spring

As you move from winter to spring, apart from putting away all your woolies, you’re sure to have to change a few things around your house, or just decorate it differently for spring. Here are a few things you could do to decorate your home for the new season—Spring. Remove …

J.K. Rowling plans to construct huge treehouses for her children

It’s been said that British novelist J.K. Rowling, is spending a £250,000 on two interlinked treehouses in the garden of her luxurious Edinburgh mansion. The two 40ft high Hogwarts-style two-story treehouses are being made for famous novelist’s children 9 years old David and his 7 years old sister Mackenzie. Featuring …

One Sqm House

One sqm house by Van Bo Le-Mentzel

The architect Van BO Le-Mentzel has come up with this unique model of house, which is just One-Sqm (10.7 square feet). One can use this little home to bring in more innovative look in the interior of their home, using it as confessional box, for meditation, as a phone booth …