Japanese introduce their new ‘Canned Bread’ with flavorful jams

japanese canned bread

Doesn’t it strike you that we have canned fish, canned meat and even canned pickles; but no canned versions of one of the most widely consumed food items since the dawn of history?! We are of course talking about the glorious bread. Well, don’t flex your brain muscles anymore, as the Japanese have finally brought us gourmets and gourmands alike – the Canned Bread, in a collaboration with famous Ampan-man.

Commercially available via online site Felissimo, the product is actually a mash-up of jams and bread dough, preserved and packaged carefully inside a can. The jams are available in six different flavors (like apple, wild grapes and peach) that represent the local specialties of the 6 prefectures in the Tohoku area of Northern Japan.

The design of the can itself is graphically pretty vivid and adorable, with the modern, colorful Japanese ‘anime-like’ motifs. However, the product is also touted as an emergency food item, which can seriously come in handy with its shelf life of over an year.

Price – ¥1,900 for each can (around $19).

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