This elevator provides convenient commuting between floors for elderly

Lifestyle Home Elevator

Elderly and disabled people often face problems using a staircase in multilevel apartments. This is the reason why their houses are equipped with stairlifts or elevators. However, UK-based company Terry Lifts wants to replace tedious-looking stairlifts and elevators with futuristic-yet-stylish lifestyle home elevator.

Lifestyle Home Elevator

This compact, shaftless elevator can easily fit into any corner of a multileveled home, making easy access to any floor the user wants to go. To install this glass enclosed elevator, you need to make cubicle-sized hexagonal cavity in one corner of the floors for easily ascending the lift through the empty space with no lift shaft required.

Lifestyle Home Elevator

Lifestyle elevator can carry two people at once, whereas it also helps you to move heavy items like TV or furniture pieces effortlessly. It comes with pressure-sensitive bottom, which makes sure that any object beneath it is not crushed or damaged.

Lifestyle Home Elevator

The best thing about this ultra-modern home elevator is that its design can be customized as per interior of your home. This means you can style up your lift any way you like, without compromising with home decor. It is the coolest home elevator we’ve seen so far. Not only elderly, but all you lazy bums out there must be craving for it. You custom-order it from the designer’s official website.

For now, check out the video given below to catch it in action:

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