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Homeharmonizing is a comprehensive online guide to all latest updates on home developments, be it in the field of practical designs or conceptual technology. In this regard, our team of professionals aims to bring you all the contemporary and cool stuff ranging from the downright quirky to the uniquely sublime. However, before we harp further on our purpose and objectives, we would like to acquaint our readers with the scope of the term ‘homeharmonizing’.

The scope of ‘Homeharmonizing’ through etymology:

Homeharmonizing is the clear portmanteau of two distinct words home and harmonizing. ‘Home’ in itself initiates that reverie of unparalleled privacy; the ultimate personal space where one can retire psychologically as well as physically. Of course, beyond the emotional ambit, it also has a more practical association with the idea of ownership. Derived from Old Norse ‘heimr’, a home means that you have your very own place to live or reside, thus suggesting your unquestioned rights and control within the proverbial refuge.

Harmonizing comes to us from the parent word harmony, which in itself is derived from the old French word ‘harmonie’. In this case, its scope is associated with the person as opposed to his/her space. This is because harmonizing relates to the very act of being in harmony. To put it simply, the word harmonizing’ alludes to your state; and when used in combination with the term home, it refers to a state of harmony within your home.

Our purpose:

So, in a definite way Homeharmonizing relates itself to this vast and varied scope, through which a homeowner can improve upon all emotional as well as practical aspects of living by creating a harmonious personal space. Improvement is the keyword here, and it can only be achieved through the knowledge of the latest innovations and conceptions. Of course, this is exactly where we come into the picture.

As dedicated home enthusiasts, we strive to cover numerous discussions on various topics such as home decorhome appliancesentertainment, and home tutorials. We also bring you exclusive idea updates for decorating interior spatial categories like bedroomkitchen and bathroom.

In its essence, Homeharmonizing aka ‘scope of improvement’ is the right place to learn about all latest developments, when it comes to designing and remodelling your home. We bring you inspirational ideas that will transform your living spaces, breathing a new life into them.