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If taking bathroom breaks during 2:30 am in the late night is your forte, the motion sensing under-bed LEDs are sure to make your day. Comprising of an entire package of two 4-ft light strips, each with 48 diodes, the contrivance also comes with its special 3M self-adhesive for hassle-free mounting underneath your bed structure.

The core function of the is pretty evident – the mechanism serves as your ‘guiding light’ during those late night escapades to the bathroom. So, when your keep your feet to the ground, the conception senses your motion and automatically turns on.

In this regard, the integrates a combination of a motion as well as a light sensor that can be programmed to linger anywhere between 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

As for its credentials, the LEDs can provide ambient lighting at 2700 Kelvin. This sort of alludes to the soft glow achieved by the mechanism rather than a full fledged illumination (that might intrude upon your sleepy senses).

The purpose of this tepid luminescence is perfectly intentional; the system can also be used in other scenarios except for just your bedroom. The unobtrusive flow of light is pretty conducive to spatial areas like bathrooms, kitchen counters, closets, hallways and even beneath your baby’s crib. Check out the video below to have an idea about the practicality of the motion sensing lighting scope.

Price – $49.99 (check this Amazon link for more buying details)

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  1. Hey I live in france and I would love to know here I can get one of them.

  2. Kuldeeptweet03 says:

    @Arlette Yes, you can get this product in France. Please check our email for details. Thanks!

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