Bring home a piece of St. Peter’s Basilica with iconic dome lamp

For those who love old architectural designs, Italian Studio AMeBE has created an iconic dome lamp that pays homage to gorgeous Saint Peter’s Basilica. Designers Alessandra Mantovani and Eleonora Barbareschi have brilliantly managed to recreate the magical architectural design in form of a stunning ceiling lamp.

Rolls-Royce unveils six-piece luggage set to match your Wraith

If you own the luxury $300,000 Rolls-Royce Wraith, then you must be looking for equally stylish luggage to complement your extravagant vehicle. When you think of high-end luggage set, probably Louis Vuitton is the first brand that comes to your mind. But after looking at the gorgeous six-piece luggage set …

Axor Design’s new faucets look like miniature water fountains

To add dramatic touch and lively aesthetic to ordinary bathroom taps, Axor Design has come up with exquisite line of faucets that looks like miniature water fountains. These unusual faucets are designed as part of the company’s Waterdream project that focuses on new ways to access water in regular bathrooms.

Chill-Out by Adrenalina – an armchair or an ottoman?

Add splashing vibrant hues to your interior with Chill-Out by Adrenalina. It is a multipurpose piece of furniture that will leave you wondering whether it is an armchair or an ottoman. Well, it’s both. By simply pushing its backrest, you can turn this comfortable armchair into a relaxing ottoman.


Bbagz to replace single-use plastic Ziploc bags forever

It’s no secret how harmful plastic is for our green planet, so why you’re still relying on single-use plastic Ziploc bags to store your food? Forget those non-biodegradable plastic sandwich bags, and switch to endlessly reusable Bbagz by SiliSolutions company. These are made from 100-percent platinum silicone and are airtight, …

Bioo Lite plant pot uses photosynthesis to charge your smartphone

While there are many portable solar-powered charging docks for smartphones and other electronic devices, direct sunlight is not available every time you need a charge. To solve the problem, Barcelona-based Arkyne Technologies has come up with a unique way to generate electricity through green plants, using its Bioo Lite plant …