10 DIY ways to fix your home over the weekend

Enhancement of flooring

Enhancement of flooring

When it comes to structural or visual enhancement of our house, everyone of us could fantasize about high end paint jobs or state-of-the-art foundation support for our basements. However, the reality is that most of us are only free in the weekends. So, when time is of essence and weekend is the only period we can invest, it would be wise to pay attention to household stuff that can be improved without needing much exertion, both physically and financially. In this regard, let us check out ten such relatively easy ‘fixing’ processes that can be applied in and around our home sweet home.

1. Painting your entrance door

Painting your entrance door

Your house may desperately need a paint job, but to make things easy on your wallet, it is always better to start off with a single object. The single object in this case is the entrance door, the very focal point of your building’s appeal. You can paint the door or even  finish it with your preferred textures like wood. Moreover, you can also clean the door knob and facades, along with offering metal polishes on the door fixtures.

2. Make your own Draft Dodger

Make your own Draft Dodger

Since we are talking about doors and saving money, we can very well make our own Draft Dodgers for this winter. This simple conception is just a piece of fabric stuffed with sand or even rice. The fabric should be long enough to cover your door or window length. So, you just have to roughly sew the edges and place the stuffed cloth along your door frame. The insulating properties of sand would keep the outdoor cold wind in check.

3. Installing medical cabinet in your bathroom

Installing medical cabinet in your bathroom

Installing a fully furnished medical cabinet is highly essential to our family members’ safety. And interestingly, it is a pretty easy process that would hardly take two hours of your weekend time. The trick is to choose a cabinet that can be mounted directly to the wall above your bathroom sink, instead of all the painstaking drilling and fixing.

4. Installing a laundry chute between your floors

Installing a laundry chute between your floors

We all know how tiring it is to take up our heavy soaked laundry to the upper floors. However, there is a solution to this predicament in the form of domestic laundry chutes. Now, before putting on your skeptical face, do check out this DIY link. It shows us how to make laundry chutes by making use of the connections of conventional flooring system.

5. Replacing an old appliance

Replacing an old appliance

Now, you may think of it as a ‘pricey’ option. However, if your appliance was procured before the year 1994, chances are that you are losing out on your energy bills. That is because improved federal energy-efficiency guidelines came into effect during this time period. So, the bottom line is that a newer appliance (purchased after 2001) can save up to 40 percent of energy than its antediluvian predecessor.

6. Room partitioning

Room partitioning

Room partitioning can be all about jazzing up your existing interior space, or making room for extra spatial zones. The process requires us to survey and then mark the area for partitioning. However, the dictum to remember here is that we necessarily do not need a solid physical boundary as the partition. We can use stylized plywood panels, bookcases, hanging art works or even just thick curtains as the ‘segregation’ component.

7. Ceiling fans are cost effective than air conditioners

Ceiling fans are cost effective than air conditioners

Mechanized fans may be a bit on the quainter side, but they do account for considerably lesser bills than those energy hungry air conditioners. To make the best of their usage, such fans should be installed at a relatively lower level for adequate cross circulation. Some of them even have reverse rotating features that clears up the heat accumulated along your ceiling fixtures.

8. Enhancement of flooring

Enhancement of flooring

New flooring with heavy materials (such as hardwood) is generally a time taking process. However, in our modernistic times, there are fortunately a few alternatives. Here the trick is to choose a particular area for flooring like the kitchen or the living room (instead of the whole house) and then opt for a suitable flooring material like modular vinyl tiles.

9. Putting dimmers on your lights

Putting dimmers on your lights

This is a very interesting and easy option for people who are looking forth to improve the overall ambiance of their living quarters. Such dimmers can positively change the illumination effect, thus emanating a more elegant diffusion of light throughout the room. The artistic dimmer covers can also pose as exquisite home decor elements during the day time.

10. Artificial walkways

Artificial walkways

We will end the list by moving out of the interiors. The garden and porch areas are very much a part of your house, and as such they should be shown some love by having your personalized walkway landscaping. The walkways can be made of simple timber if you live in a rain affected property. However in sunny climates, you can notch up on the classy factor by having measured brick path borders along a stone laid way.

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