3 Signs You Need a New Furnace

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There are a lot of things we avoid tending to in our homes, whether it is the cobweb in the corner of the wall, that stain on your carpet from a few weeks ago, or the suitcase you still haven’t unpacked yet. One thing that can be hard to overlook is a broken furnace. Although it may have had a good long run (a few decades if you’re lucky), a poorly heated room in cold winter is not fun for anyone. When it is time for a new furnace, you may find some of these interpretive signs. 

1) Your Heating Bill Keeps Increasing 

It is always essential to check any of your bills for small mishaps or out of the ordinary occurrences. If you do happen to notice that your heating bill is continuing to increase for no rational reason, be sure to check your furnace. It could mean your furnace is on its last legs, which is when you need to start searching “furnace installation near me.”

Your furnace is essentially becoming less effective, and working harder than it should produce the heat you need for your home. Hence the steady increase in bills. All of the extra money you have been paying for could be put towards a new furnace.

2) You Have Been Making Frequent Repairs

This may seem like a fairly obvious sign, but people tend to avoid the hassle of actually replacing an item by continually having it repaired. Furnaces tend to need the most repairs during the last two years of their lives, so if calling an HVAC contractor seems to have become a pattern, look to upgrade to a new one. 

There comes a time where you need to make the leap and purchase a more energy-efficient and cost-effective furnace. If you find yourself with costs of repairs over 50% of what a new furnace would cost, that is an easy way to tell you you need to buy a new one.

3) Your Furnace Constantly Makes Unusual Noises

It can be hard to distinctly point out this sign, as all furnaces make a certain amount of their noises when they are running. If you hear excessive rattles, buzzes, hums, popping, or bangs, it is time to check your furnace. Just by visually inspecting the furnace can help see the damage it may be causing.

The strange noises you may hear can indicate cracks, leaks, corrosion, rust, or other structural issues. These conditions are another suggestion that your furnace has had its run because they naturally occur over a long time, and you should replace it.

Also, if your blower frequently keeps turning on and off or blowing cold air, you should ask your contractor about that. 


Nobody wants to be stuck in a cold room with a broken furnace, so it is highly suggested to try and pick up on these signs to get ahead of a bigger problem. Having an appropriate temperature in your home is the key to being comfortable.

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