5 Bedroom Décor Tips for the Modern Home

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Want to redesign your old house to make it more modern? These five tips on decorating your bedroom eliminate the traditional and add layers of modernity to your space.

Designing the bedroom is a sticking point for most people. Why? Because usually there are two people sharing it, and those two people might well have unique design ideas. Some want a cosy bedroom; others want a four-poster bed and a full royalty experience. However, there is one design trend that never fails to please everyone involved – and that is a modern style.

How to Create a Modern Bedroom Style

Modern styles carry the fresh charm of the trending colours, styles, and prints of the time. These tips can help you create a modern look in your bedroom. 

1 – Think about your Bed

The bed is the focal feature of your room. No matter how flashy the wallpaper or sumptuous the curtains, your guests’ eyes will always be drawn toward the bed. Make the most of it by adding throws, dressing it with pillows, or even adding a new rattan headboard to add a touch of class. It both never goes out of fashion and matches every colour. 

2 – Think SMART

Smart gadgets are the ideal way to modernise an old building. Adding a Smart thermostat, smart lighting, and even an AI, can all modernise your room without you even needing to change much décor wise. Have Alexa set your alarms and play your music for you. Control the blinds or curtains on an electronic rail, with a clap of your hands. Think smarter, not harder.

3 – White, white, and more white

White is the one colour that never goes out of fashion. Better yet, it is current, fresh, and modern. It refreshes any wall, even the boldest patterns and prints. It can tame any décor disaster, turning a 70s style ancient pad into the modern bedroom of your dreams. 

4 – Try minimalist

By now, everyone knows who Marie Kondo is. She advises that you approach minimalism through love. Hold each item of furniture or ornament in your hands and ask yourself if it brings you joy. If the answer is no, then it is time to part ways. You don’t need items in your life if they don’t bring you love or joy. Items which we don’t feel attached to are simply taking up space in your house. De-clutter your bedroom to start off any authentic modern style. The minimal, the better. She calls this style of tidying, and the categorisation of those chores, the KonMari method.

5 – Light up your life

Lighting is another magnificent way to add layers to a modern home. You don’t need anything to create the ideal modern look except bright white walls and chic lighting. Strip lighting is fashionable at the moment. Bright LEDs use less energy and come in every colour. You could create a modern masterpiece in your bedroom by adding Smart lighting which cycles through assorted colours.

Get the Modern Look

Take these tips to heart and you can update even the oldest rooms to your taste.

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