5 Best Temporary Wallpapers For Renters

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Temporary wallpaper has become the go-to for renters. It’s easy to install, effortless to maintain, protects the walls, and most importantly, easy to remove – the gift that keeps on giving, and renters cannot seem to get enough of it. Who can blame them? It’s a winner with unique designs to boot and flexibility that allows you to keep up with trends. So, it makes sense that you would want to find the best temporary wallpaper for your space. Does it exist? If so, how can you find it? Well, we have made this search easier for you by outlining the five best options for anyone who is renting:

Floral Wallpaper

If you’ve paid attention to the rumblings online, you will notice that flower peel and stick wallpaper has been trending. What’s so special about floral patterns? Let’s start with their versatility. With flowers and blossoms scattered on these pieces, it’s easy to see why they are such winners. They can inspire almost any vibe you desire in a space. You can go with a playful vibe or decide to transport people to a romantic era. How about creating an enchanting space? All this is possible with flowers. So, that’s why going floral has become such a vibe.

Do you want to know the best part? Flowers work for almost any room. You can create a romantic corner in the kitchen, decorate a reading nook, or even liven up an office. So, feel free to play about with the options. We can’t forget to add that flowers also communicate to the people in the room. For example, dark florals communicate moodiness, ideal for offices and bedrooms. Lighter colors convey peace and happiness, which works great for dining areas and porches.

Classic Wallpaper

What if you want to travel through time? Can wallpaper walk with you on that journey? The answer is a resounding yes! Enter classic wallpaper- a wallpaper that features pattern elements from different periods in time. You could borrow from the Renaissance period or move straight to the Baroque style. Whatever your heart craves is available to you now. The best part about it is that you do not need to spend a ton of cash decorating your home. Instead, you can buy wallpaper and use it as an accent wall. You could even frame the piece to mimic art you would find in a gallery.

What’s so good about classic wallpaper? Well, it awakens the senses. There’s something inspirational about gazing at a past era and realizing just how different things were back then. Besides, classic designs are timeless. So, if you are looking for something that will serve you for years without going out of style, this is it. Given that temporary wallpaper can last as many as 15 years, classic wallpaper would be a good choice.

Botanical Wallpaper

Forget the flowers. How about bringing the entire plant into your home? How does that sound? Botanical wallpapers have also become a hit in recent years. They feature all sorts of plants, with some depicting natural gardens and forests. As a result, they have become renowned for their contemporary effect. Plus, they look so natural on the walls that they blend in with almost every accessory in the room. 

So, what makes them a better choice over the countless other options in the market? They are attractive. It does not make much sense to plaster wallpaper on your wall that you will barely enjoy. The design on the paper must evoke something in you. With botanical wallpaper, that emotion is none other than dreamy. You get to thrust yourself into a world where almost anything is possible. Are you bathing in the sun in Hawaii or moving through the Amazonian jungle? The choice is yours.

Oh, and you also get to enjoy tropical vibes in your home. With all sorts of birds, fruits, and plants adorning these wallpapers, it’s easy to create your perfect paradise. You can play around with different hues to see what works for your space.

Striped Wallpaper

Are you torn between going with classic designs or keeping up with the modern trends? Striped wallpaper can help you enjoy the best of both worlds. So, if you don’t want to choose, you won’t have to. Stripes are best for spaces that require just one touch to complete the space. For example, if the room feels too large, you can correct it with vertical and horizontal stripes. What about if it feels too small? You can work this out by using vertical stripes. Of course, the sizes and hues also matter. Like with small rooms, you are better off using narrow vertical stripes. For the big rooms, you should use large-scale stripes. It makes all the difference.

Using red and white stripes will dominate the room. But using pink and white mellows out the vibe and creates a romantic space. So, you must think about how strong you want the effect to be. Most importantly, what do you want to communicate?

Geometric Wallpaper

Shapes communicate more than you may think. For example, do circles mean anything to you? Studies show these shapes express pleasantness, joy, calmness and inspire femininity. That’s why they are common in nurseries, playrooms, bedrooms, and even dining areas. These are spaces where good vibes are necessary. So, you can see just how one element can be the defining factor in your home. It’s why geometric wallpaper has fast become popular in homes. You get to communicate your emotions and vibes without as much as lifting a finger.

These designs are simple and easy to take in, making them a great choice. Even when you use abstract concepts, people don’t get overwhelmed in the room. But, of course, you must be careful when mixing and matching the shapes. If you use contrasting notions, you can create a busy atmosphere that would throw off the vibe. Moreover, these designs are timeless. So, if you want to paper your home and have the design last a while, you will have struck gold.

There are so many good temporary wallpaper options in the market. So, have fun choosing what meshes with your home. All the best!

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