Four ways to improve your bedroom and sleep at the same time

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Many of us dream about being able to enter our bedrooms, love the atmosphere and be able to fall asleep almost instantly, securing ourselves a decent night’s sleep. Continue reading for four ways to improve your bedroom and your sleep at the same time. 

  1. Declutter

You don’t have to be a minimalist. However, decluttering can really help your brain to be in a much calmer place, allowing you to feel more restful and achieve a better night’s sleep. It will make it much easier to keep clean, too. To work out which items you really need and which you don’t, you could try removing all of the ‘extras’ from the room, such as the ornaments, the wall art, the attractive but not very functional pieces of furniture. Then, reintroduce the elements you missed. It’s unlikely that Marie Kondo would approve, but it is certainly conducive to an improved bedroom, encouraging positive sleep. Furthermore, consider increasing the storage solutions in this room. Be creative and utilize wasted spaces, such as the top and bottom of wardrobes and underneath the bed.

  1. Change your color scheme

Sometimes, there can be just a bit too much color in a bedroom, making it almost a battle as to what your mind will focus on. This is not helpful when you struggle to snooze. If you can face it, try toning things down. This doesn’t have to mean boring, just a little more subtle, perhaps. Try a combination of silvery gray and rose gold for a luxurious feel. If you are still keen to inject a bit more color into your bedroom, try hanging some art behind your bed head. This way, it will look appealing when you enter the room, but it will not be too distracting. 

  1. Alter your bed

A bed can make or break a room, just as a mattress can with your sleep pattern. First, consider whether you are happy with the aesthetics of your existing frame. Although fabric ones look attractive, they can be a haven for dust mites and not great for allergy sufferers. There are some stunning wooden and metal bed frames around. Consider an ottoman-style bed if you require extra storage. Next, work out if your mattress is past its best or simply not fit for purpose. Most last around eight years, so your sleep problems could be due to this, so look at changing yours as soon as possible. Investing in a latex mattress could well change your life.

  1. Improve your window coverings

While natural light is great for helping you to wake up slowly, it is not helpful when you have an irregular sleep pattern. Likewise, glaring streetlights can affect us. Investing in blackout blinds can be life-changing, and contrary to popular belief, they do not have to be dull and drab either. You can purchase them in all different colors and patterns. Furthermore, if you cannot get anything that you feel matches your style or design, choose something plain and inoffensive and then dress the window around them. 

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