5 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom into A Sleep Sanctuary

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Modern living is so wild. Our days are filled with rushing around and being so busy that we often can’t remember when last, we slowed down to take a deep breath. Parenting, careers, relationships, friendships, and family can take it out of you and leave you feeling loved, but drained. If this sounds like your life, then don’t panic because you are not alone. The best way to combat the fatigue of modern life is to get a good night’s rest each night in your peaceful sleep sanctuary. Here are 5 ways to turn your bland bedroom into the perfect sleeping space:

Get A Great Bed

You will never wake up feeling relaxed and rested if you’re sleeping on a creaky old bed that has sadly lost its shape over the years. Browse quality full-size bedroom sets and find your perfect match. The next step is to get yourself a supportive and comfortable mattress and all your sleep worries will drift away. Your perfect bed will not only give you uninterrupted sleep but will also promote good back health. 

White Noise Machine

This one is only for the people who don’t like to sleep in dead silence. You can either get yourself a white noise machine or even just a Bluetooth speaker to improve your sleep quality. These machines come with a wide range of different sounds to fall asleep to from meditation through to waves crashing on the shoreline. The trick with sleep sounds is that they need to be soothing and repetitive to work properly. As a bonus, these machines are perfect for cancelling out the noise of the city – if you want that.

Oil Diffuser

Oil diffusing is the perfect way to improve the quality of your sleep. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to promote all-around, general wellbeing. A good night’s sleep can be just a few drops away, all you need to do is get yourself a reliable diffuser and choose your perfect blend of oils that promotes restful relaxation. Each oil has its specific and unique healing properties and scent so spend some time researching each option first before you fill your room with that one. 

Quality Bed Linen

Quality bed linen is a must for enjoying your time in bed. Invest in bedding made from sustainable materials, like bamboo. Bamboo bed linen is even more comfortable than a high thread-count cotton option and it is the eco-friendlier option because bamboo grows quickly and typically doesn’t require pesticides or irrigation.

Dark Curtains

Living in the city has many perks, like easy access to shops, restaurants, and parks but it also means you’ll have to live with the light pollution that comes with it. We all get a much better night’s sleep when it’s dark, it is one of the reasons we all sleep better in the winter, so get yourself a set of block-out curtains. These will help keep your bedroom darker for longer by cutting out the bright lights that keep you up at night.

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