5 Ways to Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Methods

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Purchasing eco-friendly cleaning solutions products will definitely be one of the go-to methods if you want to switch from conventional cleaning. Eco-friendly cleaning products contain fewer chemicals, thus reducing your exposure to hormone disrupters as well as carcinogens. Using fewer chemicals also means that they don’t get flushed back into our water system, decreasing pollution risk. 

But then, what if you wanted to do more than just use eco-friendly cleaning products? Here are some methods of cleaning that are easy and can help you make that swap instantly. 

Go for reusable packaging

Everything we purchase from stores, including eco-friendly products, comes in packaging. Sure, the eco-friendly alternatives use recycled materials, but did you know you can push the green agenda even further by reusing your packaging? Purchase refillable bottles and have a direct impact on packaging consumption. The next time you purchase eco-friendly products, look for brands that promote reusable packaging or refillable packaging, so you can go back to the store to refill your bottles.

Request maid cleaning services to use products you have

Professional maid cleaning agencies always come with their own materials and cleaning solutions. But then, if you’d like them to use the ones you have, you can mention this to them and see if their policies allow using customers’ products. For instance, if you’re getting a maid service in Dallas, fill in their booking form with your requests to use either their own eco-friendly products, or ones that you already have at home. 

Reduce buying too many different products

We’re told that different surfaces in our home require different cleaning solutions, which means we’re driven to buy a cleaning product for floors, countertops, sink, and the bathtub. The truth is you can use one or two products to address the different surfaces in your home. Take a look at your favorite cleaning solutions, and decide which can be used on multiple surfaces. Stick to these options, rather than buying a solution for every type of cleaning. 

Your kitchen staples make great cleaning solutions

Just open your kitchen cabinet and grab your baking soda and vinegar. These products are the ultimate eco-friendly power combo that can clean almost every modern surface, from your bathtub to the kitchen sink. Mix vinegar, baking soda with water, and lemon juice, and you can use it as a scrub, shine, deodorizer, and cleaning solution that gently scrubs surfaces, leaving a clean and shiny finish. It’s non-toxic and, best of all, cheap. 

Use cooking ingredients for polishing

Apart from vinegar and baking soda, another powerful and non-toxic combo is salt and lemon, commonly used to polish brass and copper. It’s an effective solution to get rid of bacon grease, oil, and grime accumulated on your cutlery or crockery. Just cut a lemon in half and sprinkle salt on it, then gently rub your brass and copper items. It may take slightly longer to polish than conventional cleaning products, but you’ll be left with the same (or even better) gleaming results.

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