How to Choose the Right Rug to Match Your Floor Type and Interior

choose the right rug to match your floor

There’s more to having a top-notch aesthetically pleasing rug than meets the eye. It’s also a chance to ensure you invest in the best quality that withstands the test of time and can give you the best value for each penny spent. With numerous rugs to choose from, it can be somewhat confusing what to pick. However, please don’t be in any rush while picking out a rug to revamp your interiors and transform your room’s outlook. There’re several factors worth considering to ensure you choose the right rug for you. Below is what every individual needs to know about picking the right rug to match their floor type and interior. 

  1. The room 

The fascinating beauty of different rugs is that they suit various areas effortlessly. However, you ought to be relatively vigilant while picking out a specific rug for your kitchen, hallways, dining area, and living area, among other places. It’d be best to consider the footfall in these rooms. Thus, you can choose an easier to clean and hardwearing rug for areas with lots of footfall. It’d be quite helpful to choose a slightly darker and neutral shade that’ll conceal the footprints as well.

  1. Style 

While purchasing a rug, you need to know that it plays a significant role in making a statement about your homes. A rug can easily add a pop of color to any room and accentuate its entire look. While focusing on your styles, you ought to consider color and the patterns on the rug. It’ll enable you to pick between rugs with light colors, rich dark colors, or cool colors with contrasting shades. 

  1. Budget 

Various rugs have different price tags. You ought to pick one that suits your budget, and you can later upgrade if need be. That’s why it’s not advisable to pick the first rug that you see. Instead, do take your time and shop for various rugs across different stores, including one that has really nice and original rugs, the Koala Living Furniture store. You’ll become spoilt for choices as you also get to learn more about the world of rugs. It’ll enable you to make an informed choice as you’ll get to see the rugs as they come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and even textures. 

  1. Fiber 

It’d be best to consider that various rooms call for different rug materials. One also needs to factor in the time you’ll have for maintenance, pets, or kids. Some of the rugs are acrylic, polypropylene, cotton, viscose, woolen, sisal, or jute made. It would help if you considered how the rug feels when you walk on them barefoot. Some have a relatively soft, warm, and fuzzy feeling, which others are hard wearing. By checking the fiber used, you can decide on which rug to place in a room with high-foot traffic and much more.

Choosing the best rug can be daunting if you hardly know what to aim for when shopping. However, with a simple roadmap, you can check out several stores, and choose what suits your fancy. It’ll enable you to add an in-depth definition to your already established interior with the outstanding quintessential decorative rug accessory.

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