8 impressive home-based devices showcased at CES 2014

home-based devices showcased at CES 2014

The CES 2014 is finally over, and the magnificent show can surely boast of an assortment of advanced home based appliances and accessories exhibition. We had the fortune of covering some of these nifty contraptions. However this time around, we have decided to go beyond the confines of just kitchen conceptions and smart lights, to present to you a more comprehensive list of home based devices.

So, without further ado, let us check out 8 such home-oriented CES contrivances, ranging from avenues of ‘Full HD’ mirrors to even candy printing machines.

1. LG’s futuristic 55-inch mirrored display –

LG’s futuristic 55-inch mirrored display

A display that is also a mirror? Yes, we have seen it numerous times in conceptual stages, but LG has stole the show with a real (and smoothly) working prototype. Having a 55-inch screen with multi-touch credentials and Full HD resolution, this is as good as it gets for the fusion of technology and practicality. As for its functions, the display keeps you updated on the time (in case your brushing session is taking the lazy route), weather, calendar, and also greets you with a welcome message. And, of course it is also a mirror that gloriously shows your effulgent reflection.

Price and availability – Still in developmental stage.

2. The electronic ‘Mother’ with her motion ‘cookies’ –

The electronic 'Mother' with her motion 'cookies'

I am sure that some of us would disagree, but having another mother might just make things easier for a change. We are of course talking about the electronic, multi-tasking Mother. Envisaged as a base tracking device, the wireless Mother comes with ‘her’ motion cookies to provide you with in-depth analysis and notifications about your daily tasks. Transmitted via WiFi, these timely alerts can come in handy for various scenarios, like taking our medication on time, optimizing our sleeping pattern to even tracking the watering of our plants.

Price and availability – $222, with commercial retailing expected to start by March.

3. Moneual Rydis H68 Pro –

Moneual Rydis H68 Pro

Combining a dry mop, a wet mop, and of course vacuum oriented functions, the H68 Pro is Moneual’s answer to the costlier Roomba 790. The power-train under the nifty looking hood comprises of silicone-bladed roller, brushes (with both rotating and sweeping modes) and a mop pad. In this addition to such physical attributes, the vacuum cleaner also boasts of some advanced technologies. These entail – the Smart Vision Mapping for covering a wall-to-wall path, and the ONR technology that mainly detects shaded areas (like under the couch or behind furniture items) for deep cleaning.

Price and availability – $499, with commercial retailing expected to start by spring.

4. Haier Tianzun air conditioner –

Haier Tianzun air conditioner

Unveiled as the world’s very first air-conditioner that complies with Apple’s MFi program (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad), the Tianzun air conditioner can be controlled directly (via WiFi) from Apple devices without requiring any kind of registration or password. This means much less complexity in terms of usage pattern when you are controlling on a remote basis. And quite interestingly, Haier’s other appliances like water heaters, ovens and home accessories will also boast of the exclusive Apple MFi licensing standard by end of this year.

Price and availability – Still not released, but expected by end of 2014.

5. Mimo baby monitoring system –

Mimo baby monitoring system

Intel has collaborated with Rest Devices to contrive what might be the practical wearable tech many of you new parents would be craving for. Designed as a onesie made from organic cotton, the Mimo baby apparel comprises of machine washable sensors and a complementary Bluetooth device (shaped like a green toy turtle). This simple set-up can track your baby’s vital attributes, including – respiration, skin temperature, body positions, and activity level. You can remotely access all the crucial info via a dedicated app for both iOS and Android devices.

Price and availability – $200, with commercial retailing expected to start by February.

6. Hercules Wae Neo Bluetooth speaker –

Hercules Wae Neo Bluetooth speaker

A few days we talked about the Holi lamp with ‘light show’ features. Well, now it seems the Hercules Wae Neo offers a similar visual flair, which is of course coupled with its Bluetooth speaker credentials. RGB LEDs are speckled across the bezel of the speaker, and their lighting effects can be customized by you via a mobile app. The luminous attributes are bolstered by 16 million color options and two modes – party and mood.

Price and availability – $272, with commercial retailing expected to start by spring.

7. E-Ink Wall Clock by Lenart Studios –

E-Ink Wall Clock by Lenart Studios

Tailored for those who are crazy for that futuristic appeal in their home decor, the Wall Clock by Lenart Studio is a combination of minimalist design and innovative mechanism. Utilizing the technology of E-Ink Segmented SURF Display, the ultra-svelte facade is entirely wireless in nature, thus traversing those paraphernalia of unwieldy cords. Moreover, the low-power consuming Wall Clock will offer you the option of choosing a customized display color.

Price and availability – Still in conceptual stage.

8. 3D Systems’s ChefJet 3D printers –

3D Systems's ChefJet 3D printers

Touted as the world’s first 3D food printer, the ChefJet can dole out candy delicacies with a variety of succulent flavors. However, it is not the taste but rather the intricacy of the candy shape that might entice many a tech aficionado. As the CES exhibition showcased, the device is capable of achieving complex shapes like hollowed-out skeleton cubes and octagons. And what’s more, there will also be an advanced ChefJet Pro model that can add vibrant food coloring instead of conventional ink-jet found in regular 3D printers. The complexity of the edible candies made from this contraption is claimed to reach the levels of finesse displayed by china glassware!

Price and availability – Expected to be above $5,000 (for ChefJet 3D printer); should be available by second half of 2014.

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