8 Nifty ideas to make your Christmas gifts look spectacular

ideas to make your Christmas gifts

So it’s that time of the year again. Christmas and its festivities add so much meaning and joy to our lives. We think and plan gifts for our loved ones and, just anything will not do. Christmas is so much more fun if you add your personal touch when wrapping the gifts. Some people find wrapping tough and others joyful. However, wrapping gifts and making bows is not as tough as it looks.

We today get for you eight amazing wrapping ideas, that’s are easy to do and guaranteed to make your gifts look spectacular. Most of them can be accomplished with stuff lying at home, so don’t worry about going out.  And do let us know which idea you loved the most.

1. Bakers twine with the daily

If you want your gifts to look retro, and modern then this is the idea for you. And it works great for older children who might be in college too. Just wrap your gifts in good quality newspaper sheets and finish the look with the humble baker’s twine.

Christmas gift_1

2. Try the newspaper bloom

Continuing with our idea for newspapers that are easily found at home. Wrap your gift in your favorite daily and top it off with a paper bloom.

Revive your craft memories from school and make any flower that you can remember and use scraps of ribbons lying at home to make the tendons. The effort that you make will not go unnoticed for sure.

Christmas gift_2

3. Personalized brown packages

Along with the wrapping most of us also love a personalized message on the gift. We found just the idea for you. Wrap your gifts in brown paper; tie it with ribbon of any color. And finish it off by personally stamping the name of the receiver. Check out the image and see how pretty and classy they look.

Christmas gift_3

4. Fabric scraps for pretty wraps

If you’re bored of wrapping sheets year after year. Then start collecting festive fabrics lying at home. Velvety pieces, pieces of silk and hand woven scraps of fabric look very classy as wrapping sheets.

Trim the edges and use them for wrapping special gifts. And before the questions pops in your mind, Yes! they can be easily secured by hot glue.

Christmas gift_4

5. Tag the gifts with initial tags

Personalize the gifts with initial tags. They look personal and convey the love so much more. Just wrap the gifts in any wrapper you want and attach a tag in the initial name on it. Tags can be easily found in dollar stores and stores that keep craft stuff for children.

Christmas gift_5

6. Cookie treasures

If you are one of those people who like to bake goodies for your friends in the festive season, then you will surely love this idea. Wrap your cookies in a tubular, cylindrical form and wrap them in clear wrap.

Now pick any wrapping sheet you like and wrap them in big toffee shapes. The edges can be made pretty with small ribbon bows. Or just cut them up in fine tassels. Make your cookies the star.

Christmas gift_6

7. Use nature’s bounties to decorate your gifts

If you like to collect small pine cones, ferns and leaves when out in the open. Then put them to good use by decorating your gifts with them. Go creative and make your gift look as pretty as you can.

If you want to make it look really rustic, pick up a ball of brown loosely woven yarn, for tying packages. Maple leaves also look very pretty when stuck on Christmas gifts. You can also plan ahead and dry flowers from the summer and use them for decorating in the Christmas, season.

Christmas gift_7

8. Colored yarns to wrap up

We all have yarns of wool lying at home in all colors. Just pack your gifts in plain paper of any color. Now call in your kids and make this a family pet project. Wrap the gifts in all different colors of yarn and make them resemble a rainbow.

You can also make small bows and attach them on the front. The yarn can also be used with small buttons that might be lying at home. Scraps of lace also look very pretty when used in the corners of the gift. This one is sure to be a hit.

Christmas gift_8

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