A dilapidated grain silo valiantly transformed into a snugly built cabin

Silo Hunt Cabin_1

Last month, we harped about a remarkable habitable unit refurbished from a various decrepit Boeing passenger airplanes. This time around, things are much smaller in scale but arguably more practical in their approach. Two brothers Rehan and Josh Nana with the help of their architect friend Kyle Davis, have re-purposed an entire grain silo to serve as their personal hangout cabin.

Located in the duo’s 300 acre ancestral farmland in Missouri, the silo has for long remained a part of the rustic landscape. But its usage was gradually faltering to dilapidation; that is up till now. To that end, the brothers momentously decided to make use of the structure as a night-shelter from their hunting sessions of quails and pheasants in the farmland.

Initially, the project sort of started out as an experiment, with no clear direction to the arrangement of the components, both cut out and constructed. But as the unique endeavor proceeded, things gradually fell into place, and the end result was the wondrous metamorphosis of an unused hollow metal structure into a comfortable two-story loft.

There is also a sustainable side to the low-impact cabin, with the wooden components being sourced from a local decrepit barn and the interior stairs being made from used beams. However, the ‘piece de resistance’ of the entire project would surely be the ceiling-high window arrangement that helps in inducting natural light for the focal point of the living room. Keeping up with the renovated nature of the building, this transparent assembly was ingeniously updated from six double glazed patio door blanks.

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Via: GardenAndGun

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