“Blufit” bottle tracks your water consumption and even tell you to consume more

Imagine a bottle telling you how much water to consume. Is it too far fetched? Well, no! As it turns out, the BluFit ‘smart’ water bottle works exactly according to this gloriously futuristic principle. Its working scope entails a connection with your smartphone via Bluetooth. With this connection, the bottle can send a slew of data to your mobile device, regarding your water consumption and even daily target of drinking water.

But how exactly are the parameters set? Well, the bundled app that comes with the BluFit water bottle also measures the user’s weight and height, along with the temperature and the humidity of the area. As for the bottle itself, the built-in sensors record the amount of water you have consumed (for each drink) and the time at which you have drank the water.

This compiled data is then send over to your smartphone. So when you access the mobile app, you will have option of viewing your water consumption in a day. You can also access other crucial stuff like graphs that show your overall history of water consumption, goal setting for a day and even an alarm for when you are off track from your set goal.

All of these functions of the BluFit water bottle are complemented by some nifty features like customizable alert lights, sounds from the bottle speaker and phone notifications. We say ‘customizable lights’ because the users can pick their own cool LED lights (as seen on the bottle surface) as an alert. Furthermore, the aforementioned app can also help you to track the bottle in case it is lost or simply misplaced.

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