Goron Tablet Cushion improves upon our multimedia experience in mobile devices

Goron Tablet Cushion_1 With tablets and smartphones gaining their predominance in the electronic market, it is quite evident that these products are also acting as bantam multimedia devices for many of the consumers.

However, it is their advantage of portability that works against us lazy people! Confused? Well, just imagine yourself trying to watch your favorite TV show or play a game in a tablet while in a relaxed, reclined position.

For the first few minutes – it is great; but after sometime your hands (or a hand) begin to ache because of holding up the device for too long. And, let’s not even talk about the ‘game rage’ that can follow after your anxiety or muscle strain episode.

The above pictured Japanese contrivance comes as a cool solution for such lazy fueled experiences. Christened as the Goron Tablet Cushion, the mechanism allows you to comfortable ‘fix’ your mobile device along its framework.

So whether you are reclining in a face-up position or lying sideways, the cushion can be adjusted to cater to your preferred viewing angle. The ergonomic Goron Tablet Cushion is planned to be commercially available in the regions of Japan, Taiwan and Korea (for other regions, you can always order online).

As for its pricing, the efficacious product will set you back by 19,800 yen (around $200). Goron Tablet Cushion_2 Goron Tablet Cushion_3 Goron Tablet Cushion_4 Goron Tablet Cushion_5 Goron Tablet Cushion_6

Via: WebLife

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